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Forget about the duck being dead first

July 2010

Also funny to see the NYTimes magazine is now letting letters to the editor be the new corrections, first with the coconut milk/juice screwup and now with the wart/wort syrup fuckup. If the editors are smart, they’ll post the stories even earlier in the week, before the magazine goes to print, and let readers do the copy-editing. Thus avoiding getting pelted with provincial tomatoes.

Chicken nuggets, now with plastic

July 2010

The big welcome-back was a fresh bout of hysteria over killer produce, in guacamole and salsa. I Googled the numbers the day the freakout started, and it turns out 5,000 brave and free people die from food poisoning every year while more than 30,000 succumb to guns. But I guess it’s our constitutional right to eat lead.