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$1.99, used to be $2.99

June 2011

Admittedly, I’m not sure there is any way at this point to persuade people to give up meat. But the latest argument printed in the $2-a-day birdcage liner really was an insult to thinking cooks everywhere. A rural grocery store is the new cab driver as the new barometer of a country’s condition? Sentences you need to drop crumbs through to find your way out? This had all the depth and grace of an extended recipe intro. Forget phoning it in. The new sin is texting it in.

No Rocco, please, we’re English

June 2011

Apparently only outsiders read the hometown paper’s public editor’s lament about trash-tracking, which noted that three different sections had run silliness about a non-story. This week readers were subjected to back-to-back gluten-free BS. Of course, this is the pinnacle of journalism that sold the world the connection between yellowcake and WMD. But still. Would a better story not focus on whether this trend should even be a trend? Humans have been eating wheat/wheat products for millennia. Why the pushback now? Has everyone gotten lactose-intolerant to oat bran with pomegranate juice? A few years ago I met a woman in Tuscany whose brother’s guts were being corroded by celiac disease, and I have taken it seriously ever since. Still, I somehow doubt half of America could be similarly afflicted. But I am looking forward to Nivea in Thursday Styles . . .