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Pretzels in the closet, shoes in the garage

September 2012

You have to Google to learn this stuff, but the Chimp has been so thoroughly disappeared he was not even seen at the W2 fund-raising lunch given in his own mansion by the Lump in the Bed. How long till his smirking visage turns up on milk cartons left to sour?

The other 6 percent? Body fat

September 2012

I love the obvious speculation that it was a waiter or bartender who recorded soulless Rmoney finally saying what he really thinks. Guess he forgot servers are not “you people.”

“It’s not our job”

September 2012

Finally, it’s only taken 12 years, but Panchito is finally getting the towel snap across the fanny he deserved. Lesson for voters: Make sure the guy you want to have a beer with can actually drink. Otherwise, you could sign up for some boozy FB group and wake up in a FEMA camp — or, in a fate after death, baptized as Mormon.