Liquor may be quicker

But Eben Klemm has ways of avoiding the hard stuff at King Bee.

Tinned tomatoes are so tomorrow

And another can comes into play . . .

Accoutrements shared

On my last expedition to taste what the pizza genius is up to.

That’s me in the picture . . .

. . . not losing my religion.

If location, location, location is so vital, what could be better than in the heart of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia?

Shades of cocoa

A great butcher shop I undersold; pictures are worth a few thousand words. And a great video that will be undercompensated.


Local, all-natural, free-range . . .

Hunters Sharing the Harvest is a threefer: Along with feeding the hungry and culling the out-of-control deer herd, it gives gun owners a hard-to-argue-with reason to own guns. (Also, too: Al Jazeera America and Bob Sacha are amazing collaborators.)

Upstairs/downstairs at Kitchen Arts & Letters

File this 30th-anniversary take under: Dither and miss a scoop. Learned only after it was published that the big story was not the basement but the changeover. . .

In praise of the anti-Deen

These days I would not cross the street for the most famous chef on the planet, whichever one of dozens he might be. But nearly 20 years ago my consort and I heard Edna Lewis was cooking in Brooklyn and headed straight to Gage & Tollner on Fulton Mall, certain the reward would be a meal for the memory books.

It was a different time, but Edna Lewis was a very different celebrity chef. Regional American cooking had only recently been codified, and she was to Southern cooking what Alice Waters was to Californian, what Paul Prudhomme was to Cajun. Read the rest of this entry »

Seriously, Karen Hess

The co-author of “Taste of America” who “found her voice and wasn’t afraid to use it.”


A little thing I typed (too fast) about the amazing Peter Workman. “Workmanlike” should be highest praise after him.