Youngish Blue Eyes has his own blog now.

Or, when is the next Hudson Valley duck haul from the Greenmarket?


Emergency chocolate or litter box uploaded?

What he says . . .


The Cat (WCTLWAFW) on a cold chrome griddle

Life with omnivores with no dilemmas


Maybe 2013 will be the year he learns to read cookbooks.

He knows what’s coming mañana: No ads, all tripe.


And my staff only thought the duck confit was too dry, not too salty?


Hide your tips

I don't care that those fish heads/fins are cooked away. I want.

Wake me when it’s: corn or green beans or snow peas or tuna or swordfish or lemon sole or London broil or turkey or . . .


Don’t bug him when he’s sleeping . . .

Don’t come knocking if you don’t have steak . . .

Maybe a little more light and a little less cilantro on that chicken Cafreal?

What’s for lunch? Nothing from this pile. . .