Curds way

So much for trying to drink the right thing. I bought organic milk three days in a row, and every single container was right on the edge of sour even though it was at least a week away from the sell-by date. The three brands came from three different stores, including Holy Foods, and not one of them was out of refrigeration for more than the 30 minutes max it took me to get home. It was almost enough to make me quit straying from Ronnybrook, except that the fourth container I bought last week came from that great dairy, and the milk was this close to off. But then things are already turning on the milk front. As a compulsive reader of coupons, I see Horizon organic now comes with “DHA Omega-3.” You tell me why milk needs an additive replicating something found in
fish oil. The carton says it “helps support brain health.” And if you’re stupid enough to believe that, I have some Stouffer’s “artisanal” lasagne to sell you.