Hold the brains

The most jawdroppingly idiotic statement ever by a chef has to be this, on the new metromix, by a certifiable American praising Keyser Soze for his bashing of people who don’t eat meat: “To be a vegetarian is a very privileged, First World thing. It’s arrogant at times. . . .” Think about it. This guy actually believes nearly a billion people in India alone have access to 59-cent beef tacos and at least a quarter of them just choose to make restaurant kitchens crazy by expecting a little imagination on the menu. What makes it all worse is that he claims to be among the privileged few. Someone should sign him up for a true reality show where contestants have to subsist on less than a dollar a day in a country where they don’t know from lethal E. coli in cheap frozen burgers. This idjit made the videographed beauty contestant who couldn’t find her ass with both hands sound like a geopolitical whiz kid — I’ll bet he thinks offal was considered prime cuts by the Roman upper class, too. No wonder the Vitamix spatula carries a label warning not to use it while the machine is running, and to remove said label before using the damn thing at all. Clearly, the best chef’s knife won’t make you sharp.