All fannies on the Xerox

Thanks to my party pal What I Ate, I see coworkers of the human Scratch N Match are wondering why their food pages don’t get no respect. Can you say one step above advertorial? A feature on where to eat while shopping was lifted entirely from that bastion of critical judgment, the Maroon Guide. Weeks of Thanksgiving features brazenly showcased recipes and photos from Williams-Sonoma cookbooks, for Islamochrist’s sake. Every Sunday brings another few pages of color glitz from books or magazines, with not an iota of original content. Worse, when they do rouse themselves to type, do they even test the promo pieces? Does a soup meant to serve four really need three quarts of stock? My math is lousy, but I think that averages out to Big Gulp portioning. At least if 7-Eleven ever does a cookbook, you’ll know where to read it first.

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