Chops to the head

My tolerance for most online slide shows is only slightly higher than for overpraised fake accents, but I have a soft spot for Trinidad after two trips and so was suckered into watching Roti and the Wasp when my consort forwarded the link. First I wondered if the Port Authority Canteen was really the reincarnation of the Breakfast Shed, the great, funky covered collection of food vendors near the docks that was also known as Holiday Out because savvy hotel guests always headed straight there. Then I wondered why new media has to be so much like the old — when some bobblehead on the teevee bites into anything, there inevitably has to be a reaction shot. And nothing sounds more fake, and more cringe-inducing, than someone else’s slobbering “terrific.” If it was awful, would he say so? A comment I heard on my first sojourn on that rough and magical island could be applied to too many producers now being forced to try to bring stills to life. Appalled at seeing a couple of beggars on the beach at Maracas Bay, a newfound Trinidadian friend said: “They have reached the limits of their imagination.” Enough with the Sally sounds already.

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