The un-baguette

Anyone worried that Hillary might be pushing American women too far ahead too fast has only to flip open the Dean & DeLuca catalog to rest easier knowing girls will be idjits. For $150, it is selling a pink cake in the shape of a particularly ugly purse. How “Sex and the City” vacuous would you have to be to want a hunk of that? The copy says it’s a “must” for “those who simply can’t have enough purses.” Should you have your bag and eat it, too? Which seems to be the thinking behind another trend, reported in the NYT by way of Reader’s Digest. Women (I can’t imagine a guy would be so devious) are apparently buying fake wedding cakes to cut costs, hiding a “first piece” in foam replicas and serving any old cake from the kitchen. Considering wedding food is inevitably so abysmal to begin with, maybe this is a slice in the right direction. The guests should send replicas of themselves as well. Or of their checks.

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