Where have you gone, fat ladies?

Now that Molto Ego is history at the Food Network, maybe Comedy Central could take him on. Judging by my email inbox, chortling was heard far and wide and hearty after his crack in a very well-done NYT piece that he was off the air because “they don’t need someone who uses polysyllabic words from other languages.” Hmm. I thought crudo was two syllables. Lardo, ditto. And I kinda doubt the problem was using “panino” for “sammy.” Then again, dissing former employers for “going after the Wal-Mart crowd” sounds like the pot calling the Dutch oven orange for a guy whose Nascar cookbook is currently sold out at the big box online. To keep his dignity, he should have just offered to drink a glass of olive oil while showing some cleavage — the promotional airsickness bags that would then be needed could be dispensed instead of three-syllable lasagne at 35,000 feet.