The Manchurian Chain?

Dips are the fondue of America: always on the verge of turning trendy but never out of style. I wrote the same story for the same syndicate, so I shouldn’t be mean, but I do wonder why the editors in the second city felt compelled to drop a bracketed link to Unholy Foods into someone’s direct quote in their piece online. Is Rumsfeld now working for those saints? The propaganda is being catapulted like war lies lately — in a story about another grocer altogether, the NYTimes felt compelled to expound at length about an employee who allegedly will guide shoppers through the stores to find “values” of the cash register kind. Personally, I have yet to be able to even buy meat at the Union Square outlet because the “butchers” are always too busy chatting among themselves to worry about mere customers. You could grow cobwebs waiting for service. And I don’t think this is what they mean by aged beef. But have you heard about the short checkout lines?