See your black beans, raise you mayonnaise

My suspicion that the crazy increases in food prices could not be blamed on the usual suspects, or even natural causes, was confirmed by the WSJ’s front-page story on allegations of collusion among egg and milk producers. You know everyone is just jumping on the greed wagon anymore, certain there will be no accounting for evil as long as the personification of it remains in office. And I guess we are supposed to consider ourselves lucky our milk is only afflicted with gouge pricing, not poison as it is in Lender Nation. Or at least it is not so far. The USDA seems to be ramping up its “let the consumer beware” campaign and distributing food handling information rather than forcing beef producers et al. to clean up their shitty act. Can you imagine what it will be like when there is no money left for inspections because the banks ate it all? The only justice will be that fat cats will be accidental coprophagists, too. But literally, this time.