You rate it, you buy it

When I started writing for my very first newspaper, the Mingus Spirit in high school in a ghost town in Arizona, the idea of journalists ever going into the wine business would have seemed far less likely than aliens landing. And not just because wine back then meant Gallo, and Gallo was not a good name back then. So I was glad I was sitting down (at my computer) when I got the e-release on the WSJournal’s new enterprise. In some ways the Evil Ozzie has improved the paper, but this is a crossover into treacherous territory. If I had a larcenous soul, I’d be applying for a copy-editing job there, just for the inside information on the wine recommendations. Maybe it’s going to be a completely clean operation, but it’s one thing to have a lame wine column and another entirely to stock the shelves. Next, the health writers open an online drugstore.

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