Aging Parmesan wheels

Turin is one of my absolute favorite cities in Italy, despite what I went through there on one trip. So I’m always happy to see it get “discovered,” which is why I linked a piece over at the satellite operation despite the many flaws in it. I first read the thing in what Michael Tomasky so nicely describes as the “formerly arboreal” edition of my hometown paper, and when I went to retrieve the link I skimmed it again and saw the word cheese was highlighted in a graf that had stopped me because it referred to one from Bra and I naturally wondered what it might be, exactly. Guess where the link takes you? To the general explanatory cheese page on the site. As if a reader needs to be told what it is that represents milk’s leap toward immortality. Either this is yet another case of the dread Search Engine Optimization or copy editing is being outsourced to Albania. Which might explain the reference to “panini sandwiches.” Are those like gelato ice cream?