I know. I know. It’s deadly serious.

So I’m at a lunch where the focus is on food designed to be the most nourishing and antioxidant-rich and good for you it can possibly be, with dishes developed using a nutrition guru’s vast storehouse of information. And we’re all well into the exceptional raw Tuscan kale salad with teeny flecks of pecorino when one woman says, “I can really taste sodium.” To which NG responds, “Oh, you’re picking that up from the cheese. It’s a pecorino Toscano” etc. etc. etc. At that another woman drops her fork, roots around for and in her bag and pulls out a little white packet from which she extracts a pill to pop. When I can safely get away with it, I sneak out my reading glasses to see what’s written on the white paper next to her wineglass. Yep, it was something for the lactose-intolerant. These guys have their work cut out for them in the land of the chemical cure, where people would bring bottled water to Lourdes.