At least no icebergs were harmed

Artful Dodger Award of the year goes to the author of the T-for-Twaddle piece on the New Boonville Hotel sequel in Oregon. This guy can go to work with Turd Blossom now, having managed to glide right past the fact that investors got rooked big time. My consort and I made the pilgrimage to sustainable Mecca way back when, and it’s funny that I remember nothing about the food, just a few details about the B&B where we stayed (friends of Alice Walker’s and Bill Owens’s). Clearly, there are second acts in American lives. And on the internets, no one has to know you screwed up. I saw a reference to Julia Childs in my paper, but my friend out in Santa Barbara missed it online. Ted Stevens was wrong. It’s not a series of tubes. It’s one big eraser.