Lies, damn lies and urban myths

I had high hopes for journalism after the new study showing there really is no such thing as a cure for a hangover, a lethal ailment that needs a pound of prevention. But nope, the “hold your head, New Year’s is coming” stories are being churned out as fast as the “average American gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s” BS. I’m just amazed no one has ever made the movie of “If This Is December, We Must Be Stupid.” Of course, cretinism takes many forms: Eating sushi twice a day to the point of mercury poisoning. (Uh. Huh.) Reading a story about calcium for PMS and seeing only the word “supplements” and never hearing “milk.” Or swallowing the notion that Oprah has found the secret to the svelte life — as recently as August her latest miracle was all over the internets; today she’s Macy’s float size again and they’re giving the stuff away in email scams. It’s Viagra for fat girls.