One is busy. The other isn’t. Rinse. Repeat.

I was also happy to see the Economist put the weight on Panchito for the disaster the country has suffered. The bumbling candidate was Sarah Palin without the verbal acuity and moral core, but his star turn as suckered enabler-turned-restaurant-babbler led the press pack straight into the abyss. And the scam lasted right up until his second inauguration. Where were all the chef’s aprons on high horses when the Chimp served asparagus and “Georgia peach crumble” in January 2005? Hawaiian shave ice by another name notwithstanding, I kinda think a new president who takes his wife to a birthday dinner at Equinox does not really need to be told how to eat. Although I did like Wylie calling in to say: “Save the foie gras.” Engorged livers on webs on the White House lawn would be a refreshing change from the lame duck.

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