Pierced Jelly Bellies

I may be repeating myself, but among the many things that amazed me in my 46 months of watching the sausage get made was how many Peeps landed on the freebie desk and how immune even the most pigeon-like among the staff were to their charms. Not once did anyone take the bait and run any item related to the marshmallow equivalent of toadstools. But now I see National Geographic has succumbed. The misguided there are staging a photo contest for which entrants are supposed to shoot Peeps in some travel destination. I guess they win, because I’m writing about it. But I really hope the payback is huge for their soul. The only thing worse, a friend suggested, would be having contestants photograph a Peep on iconographic images, like the Afghan girl or the pyramids they moved. Next, a “Peep virgin” commercial? If so, I hope it uses the yellow ones, breasts bared.