Candy cigarettes & apple fries

Not to belabor the movie, but it does show how fast food has mutated the whole supply system, with consistency etc. dictated by the biggest buyers. So the WSJ story on chains moving their wares into supermarkets now that even dollar meals are looking unaffordable was rather unsettling. Processed crap is bad enough. Now we get California Pizza Kitchen processed crap? Worse, the Dunkin’ Donuts crap coffee is priced at about what my consort and I pay for world-class Illy. And don’t get me started on Taco Bell refries in a can. I will never forget the morning I was killing time in an airport early in the morning, wandering a food court, and saw how they make them:  They open up a plastic bag of dried substance and add water. Even Taco Bell doesn’t use canned beans. What’s funniest is imagining the poor fools who buy this stuff. When I was a kid, we used to play “going to California” in the driveway, three or four of us in the car pretending to escape on a road trip. I can just envision a broke BK aficionado sitting in the SUV on blocks, fantasizing about going through the drive-through.

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