Fondue-fork futures must be soaring

Meanwhile, I’m half-wondering if I Feel Bad About My Dreck might not be a flat-birther — those loonies are getting almost as much coverage as her latest epic is. The NYT is totally in the tank, with three Sunday promos and one DI/DO shout-out at last count in print alone. (The poor Omnivore did sound when I skimmed as if he had an editor rammed down his throat, though, while MoDo was oddly wan — did the gun to her temple leave an indentation?) And that was on top of the hem-kissing with meatloaf the previous Sunday. Not to point out the obvious or anything, but maybe a certain awed editor should have been minding a different stove while his critic was going on an error rampage with Cronkite. Either that or maybe have illustrated the piece with cobwebs.

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