Ice Cube, Curveball, what’s the diff?

Speaking of the French, I know they have no word for entrepreneur, as the Chimp contended. But Americans are learning it big time lately. The latest example is the lemonade stand three little boys in our co-op have set up on the sidewalk in the last week. They charge 50 cents a cup, and of course who isn’t going to give them a buck and tell them to keep the change? One of those boys will be president one day, too. The second time I stopped, the littlest brother was energetically shilling to passers-by, the biggest was pouring out the drinks and the sign read “B&L lemonade,” for Ben and Lucas. And where was the middle one while B and uncredited brother were slaving away in the heat? “He’s upstairs practicing his music.” Buy that L a bunker.

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