Smart Choices? Not apples

And speaking of mustard and faux French, Grey Poupon accidentally turned up in my kitchen (I am not going to point any fingers here) and it will never be seen there again. Why in the name of Maille is there sugar in mustard? No wonder everyone in this country is either obese or diabetic or both. What’s odd is that the consort who is not going to be blamed picked it up at Holy Foods, where a clerk in the wine shop told us they do not carry liquor because it’s not good for you (despite the latest study on benefits, the one indicating moderate drinking may cut the risk of Alzheimer’s). And processed crap is? Then again, I noticed the new logo for Heinz ketchup is a bright red tomato on the label paired with “grown, not made.” Yeah, the high-fructose corn syrup and regular corn syrup that are third and fourth on the ingredients list were freshly harvested right out in the Back 40. It’s as if they see “Food, Inc.” as a model, not a warning.

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