$25 & Sunder

Just when I’m considering curing myself of my addiction to the series of tubes, Eater has to go and ingest a truckload of steroids, a la Grub Street. Now I’m going to have to keep up with other cities’ gossip and openings and closings, too? I’m drowning, you guys. On the plus side, at least there was a nice little cynical item about the Schnorrer schorring again down DC way. On the minus side, from what tired hat was Gennaro’s name pulled? The real problem with the Upper West Side is not a dearth of decent eating destinations but an impossible-to-quell misperception by nonresidents. Maybe once that joint was worth mentioning, but today you would go there only if you’re into mediocre food and surly service surrounded by the other UPW clichés, old people and strollers. If it’s a secret, they can keep it.