Then there’s the section that mistook a headnote for a lead

The Food Section chose exactly the right verb in announcing what bloggers are doing for Kraft: pimping Velveeta. I know “real writers” have done stunts just as unsavory, but it still seems like a pretty elaborate system for fooling people into thinking oil in loaf form is edible. By contrast, the WSJournal chose exactly the wrong word to describe the likes of Paula Deen and Guy Fieri out on tour. They are Becks, not chefs. It’s all about the show, not about supervising a kitchen where actual cooking is going on. The only good thing about the silly story was its implication that it must be morning in America if people have hundreds of dollars to squander on carney acts. (I assume they’re the same people too stretched and stressed to sit down to family dinner.) But the oddest detail in the piece was its handling of the infamous pants drop by the Butter Drinker — she described it as embarrassing when I remember how onlookers found it horrifying because it appeared to be more stunt than mishap. Where do you draw the line with exhibitionism? Hair pie?