Till the food goes blue

Anyone who was shocked by the report on filth in soda machines must not have dined in a movie theater recently. The one where we experienced “Avatar” on Imax for $17.50 plus online surcharge had the scariest concession stand I’ve ever seen, with so many empty cases and supplies thrown about in the near-dark that I imagined I could hear the scratching of little rats’ feet and the unclenching of little rats’ sphincters. But did that stop me from ordering a “medium” popcorn? Of course not. I always need hand-to-mouth distraction to get through the usual 25 minutes of ads and previews. The worst part is that the line was so long I had time to dwell on the calorie counts after my friend pointed out they were posted. I would have settled for a “small,” but the next larger size was allegedly only 662 calories. Divided by two, that would be nothing. Somehow, I suspect menu disclosures are going to have the same effect nutrition labeling has had on supermarket food. We’ll all be “Wall-E” size before long. The smart people pushing “nutrient density” over calorie counts truly have their work cut out for them. Figures may not lie, but liars will always figure.