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I was also pretty amazed at how craven Fresh Direct sounded as soon as the Blizzard of the Millennium was being talked up all along the Eastern Seaboard: Get your orders in NOW or you all die. Come on, we live in a city that can take a licking and keep on eating. Even after 9/11, when credit cards didn’t work anywhere and no semi-food trucks could get onto the island, I don’t recall people starving in the streets. All the delis in my neighborhood were open during the last blackout, for cripe’s sake. The worst snowstorm is never going to keep exploited immigrants from bicycling to your building with steaming Vietnamese or sodden pizza. But it would keep trucks bearing way too many underpacked boxes off the streets. Plus, everyone hyperventilating about salt should look at what this same hysteria did to the streets and sidewalks: They’re inches deep in white stuff, but it doesn’t melt. How dangerous is inhaled sodium?

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