Tooth-free or die

The WSJournal’s gin expert assured readers “no one normal” watched the health reform summit, but I spent the day mesmerized online once I discovered the Sunlight Foundation was not just streaming it live but posting, as each mouthpiece spoke, all the $$$ he/she had taken from various special interests. And it all exposed just what I think the Big O (who also had his $$ totted up) wanted. It made the Party of No seem petty and ugly and over-privileged, even before the anecdote about the woman who had to wear her dead sister’s dentures was greeted with “let ’em eat applesauce” in the rabid foamosphere. I think the best response was from Steve Pearlstein in the WashPost, who said what the obstructionists propose is comparable to “offering a starving man a $2 off coupon on his next dinner at Le Bernardin.” Because those of us with insurance will still pick up the ER tab, complete with the $220-an-ounce supplement for the caviar. Heckuva job, anti-Democrats.