Criticism abandoned for trends, they said

I really want to like the WSJournal’s new New York section even though I think one  monopolist with dual citizenship has done more damage to this country than any terrorist, and that was even before he hired Turd Blossom to pontificate. The Goliath the new section is looking to take down could use a few slingshot hits to remember it’s neglecting the super-blue city where most of its readers live. But every day the thing looks sillier, most often when it comes to food. That Lunchbox column in particular is clueless. One day it’s describing Xie Xie as being “on the West Side” and “near Times Square” (why not just say Hell’s Kitchen? Or even foolish Clinton?) The next it’s introducing a vast readership to . . . the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. And it’s not just one reporter mucking up the job. They’re serial fools. Food is the second-biggest income-producer in this city, after finance. Can’t it get some respect? Otherwise, just ramp up the stupidity to satirical level and call the thing the Red Onion.

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