Alfredo, Cajun style

I’m sure I’ve nattered before about how I’m addicted to the coupon inserts in the Sunday papers (what my in-law equivalent recently informed me are called slingers). I study them at the kitchen counter and just marvel at the disconnect. This is how “real” Americans eat. I never see the stuff at the Food Shitty, but I’ll take advertisers’ word for it. The latest freaky campaign was for $2 off on a T.G.I.Friday’s “complete skillet meal.” It’s hard to even get a grip on how wrong this feels. Of all the reasons to go to a Friday’s, the food had to rank near the bottom. When I think of that sad scene, I certainly don’t associate it with stovetop casseroles. And I understand a huge chunk of the country is too strapped to spring for a $12.99 feast but looking for that chain flair. Still, what could be grimmer than heating up overpriced frozen fajitas? In a bag, at that? I know: Realizing it’s probably what they do in the restaurants.