Expect no more

Finally, the most ridiculous thing I read all week was a guy filling four screens with type contending 140-character Tweets are boring. Yeah, I was awed by the deep insights on the chicken at Bofuckingjangles, myself. I gave him more than 10,000 Tweets to choose from, and that’s the worst he can dis? I always say writing about Twitter is like dancing about patisserie, but everyone new to it seems to turn out the same stupid macaron, maybe because it’s like stumbling onto a party where you don’t know anyone, or what the drinking games are, or the catch phrases (can you say Gastropoda’s Cat?) Until you’re immersed in it, you’re the proverbial blind person trying to describe an elephant, because everyone uses it differently. You also miss the fact that Tweets, as a smart friend of mine said, are like lightning. What you cull two days before a deadline piece for an increasingly marginal magazine might as well be a year old. If you want to mock, buddy, don’t get out the Bartlett’s. This is how it’s done. In fact, I reTweeted it. Noting that the parody did not even get into the most embarrassing stuff: the fud coverage.

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