Sorbet is not a flavor

Hate to argue with a paper that is so sure it’s always right (can you say Whitewater/WMD?), but we all really don’t scream about the price of ice cream. Grom would be out of business if “we all” were balking at $17 a scoop. What was most ridiculous about the whole premise is that it’s only food that ever gets nickel-and-dimed. I have yet to read a an exploration of why a pair of shoes advertised on P3 has to cost $700, or a bag $2,100. Still, even that equine excrement was not as silly as the take on vegetarian food at weddings. What wasn’t fit to print was what vegetarians might possibly be served before the cake, although we did learn the mysterious stuff costs more than red-blooded American meat. Anyone worried what Ripert and Boulud would think should invite Charlie Trotter. Vegetarian cooking’s come a long way since Moosewood. Rubber is not a vegetable.