Way to dodge the big question: How was it?

Worse was the profile of the guy who swears “The Pot Knows.” And not just because of the grammatical errors (you miss badly, not bad). One of the most vital and vibrant voices on Twitter was reduced to a pitiable old man whose ingestion of nutrients was made to seem unsavory. The Esquire profile was, clearly, an impossible act to follow, but why make someone with so many struggles do your standard cook-and-pony show? All my assumptions about the guy were eradicated by the great time suck where we surrender so many hours. I know he’s tough enough, rich enough, in love enough. And he must have thought the same in agreeing to this stunt. Unfortunately, it turned out to be about as palatable as the Chimp running for the cameras with Iraq veterans fitted with prosthetic legs. Readers who had no back-story were probably blown away, but it was telling how many comments elsewhere lamented that “I miss his movie reviews.” Earth to the clueless: He is not now a food writer. He never stopped reviewing. Call it profile fail. Or, “powdered broth.”

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