Melt that tuna for all it’s worth

Sometimes I like my Tweets so much I have to burp them back up. Like this: I just came across a recipe for “corn soup with chicken balls.” Do not try it with capon.

Or: Whatever you say about local, you have to know flying in asparagus from Peru in October is crazy. It doesn’t go with pumpkin.

Or: Remind me to throw out unread every brochure on “professional” fud writing classes. Holy kitty litter. The Cat would be more qualified . . .

Also on Twitter, I mentioned that I could give a flying cup about trends in coffee. Every morning my consort and I switch on an Illy Francis Francis espresso maker and shortly afterward are transported back to the Canasta hotel on Capri or any cafe in Trieste or the first espresso bar on deplaning in any airport in Italy or even the hospital in Torino: The cappuccino is that good. I got some mockery for not taking this bogus trendism seriously, but really: Writing about coffee is like dancing about Twitter. Devotees pick a brand or bean, stick with it and tune out the nonsense. And this may be the biggest argument for legalizing marijuana — so we can start arguing about an herb, not a done deal.

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