Jamaican memories of Belize and Gstaad

I don’t often look at the free papers that litter the subways, but my consort forced me to confront an issue that had one of those Iron Clowns on the cover because he noticed the guy’s mouth and beard looked like a hirsute anus. Once we both figured out it was not the cover but a wraparound ad, I got sucked into a typical carrying-water-for-the-overlords story on “concierges” who provide whatever the super-rich desire in NYC. Of course the reporter swallowed the notion that the new austerity means flying in the In-and-Out burgers not on private planes but commercial jets. Which must be why he or she did not comment on the other big phenomenon in this Bushwhacked economy: Ferrari says it had its best sales year ever in the USofA. Sad to think obscene bonuses are going to people who don’t realize real luxury is the kind of foods children don’t eat.