Just read a book called “Swindled”

Someone more clever than I has coined the moniker “egopedist,” which really does sum up what the hometown paper has unleashed on the world: shallow thoughts gathered from here and yon and tediously presented as if they were original. At least this new gig is exposing how many gray dittoheads are out there, waiting for their preferred outlet to “inform” them the great American food chain is kinda fucked up, when the Eric Schlossers and Marion Nestles and Michael Pollans etc. have been the Davids catapulting at Big Food Goliaths for years. Wasn’t there a movie called “Food, Inc.” in many, many theaters not so long ago, now available for free from libraries? Oh. Well. While I’m braising my CAFO short ribs, I’ll be wondering: Who is this “we” of whom he speaks with all that faith in the food supply? And what’s worse, carbon emissions or carbon copies?