Bring on the industrial hares

Guess I have to start by saying I mean no disrespect about what happened to so many Southerners as Earth continues to demonstrate it has a very bad fever and is trying to shake humans off. But The Takeaway and the BBC have done great segments on a side effect that made me remember the old joke about tornadoes being nature’s way of passing judgment on trailer parks. Among the things hardest hit in Alabama and Virginia etc. were poultry “farms.” Those that weren’t swept away were left without electricity to keep the fans and lights running, so what the winds didn’t kill the smell will. The industry spokesguy on the air sounded pretty shaken, and he should be. The sickest my consort and I ever got on the road was after shooting/reporting in a Vidalia onion field in Georgia next to a reeking chicken concentration camp. And that was nearly 20 years ago, before one egg processor could sicken people across nearly the whole country. As bad as I sorta feel for those poor people dependent on the cheap protein for their paltry livelihoods, it’s hard not to think Frank Lloyd Wright was right: “There is a god. It’s just called Nature.” And that mother can be a righteous bitch. Especially when forced to clean house.

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