Cured or corned

One reTweet because I can’t think it enough: If there really has to be a National Tequila Day, it should be followed by WTF-An-Ambulance-Costs-$500? Day.

(I also had to respond to one of those reflexive “rich farmers feed poor people, poor farmers feed rich people” Tweets by noting that more and more people are using food stamps to shop farmers’ markets. The situation can’t turn around overnight, but it’s willfully stupid to promote the meme that only the prosperous can buy local quality. And not least because food is not overpriced or out of reach in farmers’ markets. You also have to think of longevity. A $1.99-cent head of red-leaf lettuce is geriatric by the time you fish it out of the water in a supermarket, while a $2 head of red-leaf lettuce harvested the day before will last weeks before turning to the same slime. Odd how some of the same people advocating ending farm subsidies continue to mock the little guys out standing in their fields.)