Can’t toss a melting pot

Also, too, I spotted a relatively decent USAToday report on hunger in America and Tweeted that the first rule of empathy is not to be photographed with a cigarette in your hand when you can’t afford more than boxed macaroni and cheese. A reporter T-responded that photojournalists have to shoot what they find, but I’ve lived with one for longer than many reporters have been alive and know the real story. My cynical side suspects corporate media just has to buy into the corporate line: Anyone who’s hungry must be looking for food in all the wrong addictions. Otherwise that smoking-cig photo would not have been taken in front of a big-screen teevee. And of course no newspaper photographer with a steady income and health insurance and a terror of being let go would ever think to shoot a needy mom either shopping or cooking. Get her fat ass over into the most damning setup and keep the editors satisfied.