And not a single mention of “Mob Wives”

Other thoughts from over to the Twitter, some posted, some not, some bloated:

–Nothing Twittsults worse than having some wingnut with 30 followers dissing you. Stings like a GMO-doomed honeybee.

–I’m always grateful for lists of “kid-friendly” restaurants — I take them as a warning.

–I tasted buckwheat sprouts at the Greenmarket for the first time and loved them. Came home and Googled, though, and learned they’re either the greatest thing ever. Or they’ll kill you. The internets never disappoints.

–Inside fudball, but it seemed kinda bitchy to shove Marcella into someone else’s sendoff. Mean girls should not evoke the scent in a Richard Thompson song.

–This very well may be be the saddest cookbook ever. But runner-up has to be the new collection of 200 recipes using canned fish. Paul Krugman is right: We do need to end this depression now.

Grown in Amercia (& endorsed by soda companies/Deenabetes — you are what you excrete)