“There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes . . . “

Some things I Tweeted, some I didn’t:

–Silverskin sounds the Tiffany condom, endorsed by the miraculously child-free Callista.

–Not sure saffron should be pitched as an appetite suppressant; to me it always tastes like bathroom tile to begin with.

–Say what you will about Bloomberg, but he’s good for food entrepreneurs.

–Dug out my Cuba notebook as friends are heading off to Havana. Apparently what once were tourist traps are now teevee-validated . . .

–Will never get used to the NYT needing a PR agent to tell the world what’s on its front page . . .

–Why the gun slaughter in the Seattle cafe was worth more than a brief in the NY.

–Please, CCA, open re-education camps for supermarket execs oblivious to how dependent they are on public benefits. Food stamps R them.

–Hate to rain on anyone’s tomato fields, but if you’re seeing “local” tomatoes in May in the Northeast, they are still coming from the greenhouse.

–And a bar sign from Portland, O.

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