Is there any honorific more abused than “Chef”? // NYT won’t correct mislocated phone-booth library but will tell you butter is not lard (or vice versa). // Grimmest view of the future in “Looper”: “soy steak” on the menu in the diner. // Congrats to the Drivelist on beating the junkyard dog — as Gary Larsen would illustrate it: Rusty’s in the club! // The only surprise with Taco Bell anointing a Tin Chef is that the chain didn’t aim higher. So many others would have dived for those dollars. // Bad idea of the hour: tofu gnocchi. // Something about the promise of “first-class transportation to Atlantic City” makes me laugh. But I’m sure other food writers will jump on it. // Somehow I doubt Anntoinette bakes her own cakes. // And “free hot dog with drink” sounds like a threat, not a temptation.

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