Is spatchcock code? For wide stance, say? // Sometimes I read a chef profile and hear horseshit calling, saying it wants its reputation back. // Definition of stale: four-year-old linkbait. // Signs seen at Union Square Greenmarket: “gords” and “hairy balls.” // Was Iron Chef sponsored by Crisco cuz lard has no ad budget? // Glazed chicken thighs sounds like a geriatric spa treatment. // Frank Prial was a prickly character. But jeebus, did he ever know the regions/wines/winemakers about which he wrote. . . Terroir is not a wine shop.  // At this point it’s starting to seem as if there’s a thin line between a Julia biographer and a ghoul. Let her RIP. // Often wonder if many food world people don’t step away from an air kiss thinking: “That smelled like ass.” // And I always suspect Trump & the Furry Anus were separated at birth. Both share the reversed end of the alimentary canal.

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