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Lies, lies & USA Weekend

May 2010

I never thought I would say anything positive about GE and its inescapable kitchen appliance ads, but I was surprised in a good way to see the latest, featuring a gay couple, pizza-making and tea-drinking away in their manse in Connecticut. Given how much focus-grouping goes on in that world, you know Madison Avenue knows the “real” America better than anyone quitting in Alaska ever could.

No meth before its time

January 2010

Maybe there is a god, and she’s rubbing the Chimp’s nose in it by allowing the special needs mom to collect megabucks speaking to the booze cartel while the O’Doul’s poster boy has to dry out long enough to help raise money for Haiti rather than replenish his own coffers. I guess she was for prohibition before she was against it.

One from Column D, another from Column C

December 2009

Crazies are my weakness, so I have to confess I do keep up with the freak show that is Sarah Palin on narcissism parade. Every day there’s new insanity to inspire jokes —  after she quit her Hawaiian vacation someone on Twitter cracked that she couldn’t finish a piece of pumpkin pie. But the high point came on her book-signing stop in Salt Lake City, when Costco removed all the tomatoes for fear of pelting. Have to give her credit, though. She briefly accomplished the impossible: separating Americans from out-of-season produce.

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