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Show me the E. coli

November 2009

I won’t soon forgive my consort for sending along a link to one of the most gruesome food videos ever produced. Between the moderator and the dish, it was guaranteed to make a gorge rise. Both our stomachs literally turned at the same point, as vileness was being shaped into weirdness in close-up. It could taste like the greatest thing since sliced foie gras. But gefilte fish, it turns out, is Jewish sausage. You definitely do not want to see it being made.

“Some things are not worth exploring or explaining”

November 2009

While I’m in a linking mood, Tweet of the week was from Cynicor, responding to some kkkrazy announcing he/she was off to breakfast with other pro-lifers: “Er– don’t eat the eggs.” And his photo illustration was also priceless. I won’t link to the nonsense the Coven Crier posted, though, on “yams.” This is “culinary journalism” in the age of the Google. Rather than drowning among unreliable sources online, why not make a phone call, or just pull down a solid reference and check your facts? Harold McGee, say, who writes what anyone who knows food knows. Americans eat sweet potatoes. Granny’s ass would not fit a true yam.

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