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To Hellmann’s in small batches

March 2013

That photo of Rmoney in shorts out buying Cheerios just proved one of my points: Great wealth is wasted on the very wealthy. Shouldn’t he be breakfasting on ortolan eggs Benedict?

White House beer, no pretzels

September 2012

Given that “We Lie” is apparently going to be the Rmoney campaign’s slogan, it’s probably not surprising that the usual bogus bake-off between the womenfolk has been ratcheted up a notch. Mrs. Cleaver actually staged a photo op in her kitchen as she whipped up a batch of Welsh cakes (not sure where she hid the help). And then she was brazen enough to hand them out to the gullible stenographers on the plane. I didn’t know you could buy Christmas cookie tins at Costco in August.

“Kids can spread and dip themselves”

September 2012

One more and I’ll get to the meat, but I have to steal from the best political blogger working this election. Why ever would it be that the presidential candidate has a real “up from hardship” tale to tell about his dad that ends with power, riches and fame, while a token supporter has to admit his immigrant dad “lived and died as a banquet bartender”? Even though he undoubtedly made a mean mojito?

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