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Julia, unexpurgated

September 2002

Written for the New York Times

Julia Child, who mastered the art of French cooking well enough to turn it into prime-time entertainment and who by introducing cassoulet to a casserole culture elevated both American food and television, died TK in TK. She had celebrated her 90th birthday in August 2002. (more…)

Magic mushrooms

September 2002

Metropolitan Home

If Ray Kroc had had Portobello mushrooms, beef cattle all around the world would be grazing easier today. Mushrooms have all the juicy flavor of meat but none of the heaviness. Grilled, topped with cheese and tucked into a bun, they make a burger so satisfying no fries are needed.

But Portobello burgers are only the most obvious example of how mushrooms can pass as meat. All the wild varieties becoming increasingly common even in supermarkets markets can go just about everywhere beef or pork or chicken can. (more…)