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No trees were harmed

March 2008

The print version of this was roundly lambasted in cyberspace, and as time has flown past, I realize why: There was no need to tell when I could just show. Because I still get asked constantly how to start a blog, here’s a recipe, meant to be followed bottoms-up.

Slicing, dicing and posting

March 2008

Drafted for the LATimes/2008

Joel Robuchon recently made news in the food blogosphere by doing what chefs have done since Al Gore invented the internet: complain about food bloggers. Judging by the latest trend, you can expect him to become one any day now.

MarioBatali, after all, went from lambasting to posting in less time (more…)

Dumpling Hero

March 2008

Produced for the LATimes/February 2008

Not so long ago I went to the best party in years: The guests brought wine or beer. The hosts provided the makings for Chinese dumplings. And everyone did the work assembling them. I walked into a kitchen full of mostly strangers and left having enjoyed a good conversation with nearly all of them.

Clearly, there are icebreakers, and then there are dumplings.


Online now

March 2008

New York magazine/Retail sommeliers