Wherein I finally use the C word

Pie will do that to you.

Bitters. And Armenian sweets

News in plain sight: A great store just got greater.

On the trail of meat without borders

Goat in a city of immigrants . . .

A farm-to-class template

Ian Knauer got out of the magazine world and into a Bucks County idyll.

Drinking the Kale-Aid . . .

. . . at Edible Schoolyard in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Liquor may be quicker

But Eben Klemm has ways of avoiding the hard stuff at King Bee.

Tinned tomatoes are so tomorrow

And another can comes into play . . .

Accoutrements shared

On my last expedition to taste what the pizza genius is up to.

That’s me in the picture . . .

. . . not losing my religion.

If location, location, location is so vital, what could be better than in the heart of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia?

Shades of cocoa

A great butcher shop I undersold; pictures are worth a few thousand words. And a great video that will be undercompensated.